One day in November, replacing boots and warm clothes for shorts and flip-flops, I changed my life radically and forever…

The plane landed in Ho Chi Minh City - the largest city in Vietnam. I knew very little about this country and Asia as a whole – only what I had time to read on the Internet while packing my suitcase. All my friends and relatives advised me Europe. Therefore, having learnt about my “experiment” they were surprised and waited for my speedy return home – to St. Petersburg – to a usual life in a beautiful city under the grey sky. 

But the experiment delayed and the notion of “home” moved to several time zones. Asia is beautiful! It leads a person to Love, Freedom and Harmony patiently and carefully, who sincerely desires it and who is spiritually ready for it. Asia turns over the whole life showing its true values. It blows mind and opens heart.

I lived there around 5 years. These were different cities of Vietnam, Thailand, India and many trips to neighboring countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia). It was a wonderful and unforgettable time that changed me and my values!

photographer in Florence, Tuscany, Italy photoshoot
family photo shoot in Florence, photographerItaly

My interest in photography began with the interest in a human being – his personality, emotions and moods. Therefore, in my work there are so many portraits. When I look at somebody I wonder what he is thinking and dreaming about? Why are his eyes so sad?

When I take my camera I get thrilled to guess this riddle and open something new, to catch the moment – something unrevealed earlier but very important.

I see beauty in people. Everyone has it. Sometimes you need to help it open up. And if I was given this chance I will try, be sure.

Photography is a lifestyle for me, a taste of shapes, versatility of tints and contrasts. It is an amazing possibility to share what I see and feel. Desire for freedom, love of art, cycles of ideas led me to this profession.

I am from St. Petersburg, Russia. This city is a good start for creativity and development. My passion for photography was born just here. I am grateful to my motherland and my family who supported my decision to go where I feel happy. 

After traveling to different cities and countries I wanted to pass what I saw through pictures. I really want to share it and encourage people all over the world to travel as often as possible. No material values will replace experience, shine in the eyes and interest in life. Spare no time for it 

I wish you health and inexhaustible energy. Love, be loved and be happy!